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Q1  How large is your company?
A1  There are about 20000 square meters for our workshop.
Q2  How many employees are there in your factory?
A2  There are about 500 employees in our factory.
Q3  What kind of moulds do you make?

  We make plastic injection moulds, including prototype moulds, soft moulds and hard moulds.

Q4  How many moulds do you make annually?
A4  Averagely, we make about 500 moulds annually.
Q5  What types of molds can you build? What is the max sizes and weight?

  We mainly build moulds of Auto Parts, Building Parts, IT, Home Appliance and Medical Equipment. The
  max size of mold we made can be 300x300x300(cm) and max weight can be 25T.

Q6  Where are your molds exported?
A6  Most of our molds are exported to North America and European countries, Japan.
Q7  How many shifts do you operate every day?
A7  For CNC, EDM and Polishing Dept., two shifts; Tooling shop depends on emergency.
Q8  What kinds of steel do you use to make moulds?

  We use the types of steel appointed by customer. Usually we use LKM2344, LKM718H, LKM738H,
  LKM2311, STAVAX S136,STAVAX S136H, P20HH, P20LQ, ADC3, SMV3W,PX88,NAK55,
  NAK80, DC11,DC53.

Q9  What precision grade can you reach?
A9  For a mould, 0.005mm. For a part, 0.01mm.
Q10  How do you monitor a project process?

  We have a special project engineer to monitor every stage of project progress, and he communicates with
  customers at any time.

Q11  Do you have any problem communicating with customers?
A11  No. We are good at English.
Q12  How do you pack a mould?
A12  We pack it into a ply-wooden box strictly according to standard of export regulation.
Q13  Can you provide steel certificate and heat-treatment certificate?
A13  Yes, we can.
Q14  What kind of services will you do when you ship the mold?

  1) We will pack the mould with an insecticidal wood case, and fix it with iron frame.
  2) We will put the electrodes and the spare parts into the wood case together.
  3) We will send all related data of 2D/3D mould drawings, Steel Quality Certificates,
  Heat treatment report to customer.


  What will you do if your mold has the quality problem after shipping to the customer?


  Firstly, we will check the problem and analyze possible reasons. If it is our fault, we will pay all the cost without
  any bargain or to remake the component or a mold to the customer. If it is customer’s fault, customer pays it. If
  it is both sides’ fault, then both take the responsibility.